Many are those times that I come across some quite frustrated friends! They will in most cases open up to me, telling me about how everything was moving smoothly until the lady disappeared. She stopped returning calls and their lives become a nightmare all of a sudden. I believe that nothing is impossible for a determined mind! All that you need to learn about are the best Dating and relationship tips to guide you through. Read on to develop a much better understanding.

Don’t showcase desperation

I liken women in Dating and relationship to a cat. A cat will disappear when you show it a lot of attention. Try to ignore it for a while, and you will see it come and settle on your lap. It is almost the same case scenario with the ladies. Go for the sexiest lady. Don’t take the bar lower because it is possible to reach your goals. Author is an expert of dating and relationship, go here for more interesting information.

The rule of thumb is to reduce the level of interest in her talks and show-offs. Don’t let her understand that you are amazed by her beauty. These ladies shave heard it all before and there is nothing new you have to tell them. Just be modest and show small interest when they tell you about themselves. It gives you an upper hand in Dating and relationship.

Be the naughty boy

Some of us want to show the ladies that we don’t have any shortcomings. Forget about that because it won’t do you a lot of good. You don’t always have to let her get her way. Learn how to say No sometimes because it helps. For instance she may ask you for money quite early in the dating. You could as well tell her that you are not an ATM and that instead, you like a sexy woman that gives you money for giving them a great time. This is a firm statement that gets her thinking that you are different from the rest and it could guarantee you success in Dating and relationship.