If you are going to name someone inside the baker to whom the most pressure goes, it would certainly be the head baker or pastry chef. And if you are going to name an item that does a lot of work, it would likely be the oven racks. (You read it right! It is not the oven, it is the rack.)

The dough maker can stop turning once in a while. The oven can rest while you are still raising the dough. But the oven racks are used all the time. Out of the oven, they transport dough or bread, at long distances a lot of times, especially when it is in a commercial bakery. In the oven, they ‘cradle’ the bread for several minutes or hours, enduring various hot temperatures. Learn more about kitchen equipment on this site.

With these in mind, it would be right to pick high quality and durable oven racks. You would want equipment that you will not have to repair or often replace despite the demands on them. In addition to being tough, here are also important things to bear in mind when buying oven racks:

  1. The materials the product are made out of should be resistant to rust as well as heat.
  2. The oven racks do not dent or get deformed easily.
  3. Their dimensions should fit in perfectly in your ovens. You can have them customized if you cannot find ready-made ones that are suitable for your current ovens.
  4. These racks must be sourced from a reliable supplier. Their quality depends on the expertise and craftsmanship of the manufacturer.
  5. You do not have to spend a lot in order to buy great oven racks.

Even after the baker puts down the dough, your oven racks may still be at work. So settle for only the best.