Other than being just a requirement for most of the schools or universities, the acknowledgment does only have some benefits for you, but this section is important and essential to your research. This section forces you to think deeply about how some people who assisted you and your research process, to thank them. Besides, this is a useful as a reflective tool without getting into too much detail into how much you go about writing your acknowledgment section – this part is where you are encouraged to write how some people provided you aid and supported you with your academic strengths and weaknesses.

The overall purpose of this acknowledgment for thesis or dissertation section is to express your gratitude to all those people who have supported, contributed, and encouraged academic support and guidance towards your research process. The best to do here is to make sure that you can thank the lecturer who taught you the subject material and will be the one marking your research work. Source to know more about phd thesis and dissertations .

This is the best place to come when you need to know why this research section is essential.

  • The purpose of this section on thesis or dissertation is where you can thank those people who supported and encouraged you during your research process – this can be but is not limited to all institutions, organizations, or individuals.  Though this section will not be used just to evaluate your research work, it is a very important and essential part of your research work because it can have a positive influence on the perception of your research readers before they reach on the main part of your work.
  • Commonly, there are two categories of acknowledgments you can put in this section – the professional and personal bracket. Most schools or universities only allow students to acknowledge those people who have contributed and supported your research and that includes, members of academia and other professionals. You should also place professional acknowledgment first before the personal acknowledgment as there is a certain political aspect to be reminded of or to keep in mind when writing. Although there is no set rule to keep, the standard order is to move from the most formal to the least formal.