There are many visas that you can apply for if you want to stay and work in the US for a long time, and these visas are being offered depending on the type of profession you have. Intelligent and skilled professionals from all over the world would really be excited and happy if they will be offered a permanent job and work in the United States of America. O1 visa researcher is just one of the many visas available but in this article, we will focus on information about O1 visa.

Offered by special professionals

O1 visa is not for everybody and is only offered to professionals like physicians, researchers, engineers, scientists and others who have proven to be the best in their field of expertise. The visa is granted if criteria are met by the applicant. Some criteria that they should have are having major contribution on their field of expertise, their role is leading or critical in their organization, they have a much higher salary than others who hold the same position, and they have been recognized for their work through awards and prizes.

The benefits

For those professionals that are granted O1 visa, they are so lucky because it has a lot of benefits. They can work freely in the US for many years by renewing their visa and they can even apply for a green card. They can also go to school if they still want to even if they are working. Also, they can travel freely in all the states whenever they want. Another important benefit that they can have Is their capability to bring their family in the US as well. Their kids can go to school although there will be another visa issued for that. The spouse can live with the visa holder but are not allowed to work.