I want to share with you the story of one of my closest friends because I find it very inspiring and I did not expect that she will gain popularity in just a short time. My friend is such a great and I know that someday she will really become a star, I just didn’t expect that it will happen right away. She said she owe everything to technology because things are lot easier because of it.

She made her own songs and just submitted it on Spotify and since she is a natural talent, many people loved her song. A recording company contacted her after they heard her and she is now completing an album for them. If you also want to showcase your talent, let me tell you to do the same and submit your songs on Spotify. I can assure you that you will benefit from it in so many ways. To learn more about ArtistRack Spotify Playlist Promotion Submission, visit on hyperlinked site.

More audience for your song

The good thing about Spotify is that they accept playlist submission from everyone, but of course they have their screening process before your song will be out so that Spotify users can listen to it. Spotify is an application that is being used by millions of people worldwide and that means if you get you song to stream on Spotify, a lot of people will be able to hear it and they will share it if they like it.

You will earn from it

It may not be your goal but it will definitely happen; you will earn certain amount depending on how many times your song had been listened to by Spotify users. It may not be that much at first but can become more if your song becomes popular. If you are really talented like my friend, you will surely be the next big star.