You must not have heard of these platforms besides Bitcoin, where they allow people also known as their users to exchange currencies from cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. Ripplenet is one of those types of platforms that provide the users with the opportunity to have their currency is exchanged or transact unrelated activities add a Low Commission cost. This is just a fraction of what ripple net is all about. We will be going into more depth about what ripple net is and who founded ripple net and many of its other characteristics as well. For more ideal details about buy ripple, visit on uphold.

Who founded RippleNet?

RippleNet was founded by Chris Larson. He is known as an Angel investor. His professions range from being a business executive and a privacy activist. Some of you may know him because he is one of the richest people to have cryptocurrencies. You might also know him for cofounding several other startups which are specializing in financial services for online platforms. In 1996 he had started a mortgage lending system which was available on an online platform.

Another founder of RippleNet is Jed McCaleb. He is one of the most noon computer programmers and also an entrepreneur. Just like Chris Larson, he too was involved in cofounding many startups, but he is known to cofound startups which are specializing in the field of cryptocurrencies and banking. Some of their known startups which he has participated in are as follows:

  • RippleNet
  • Stellar
  • Overnet
  • eDonkey

Mt. Gox which is popularly known as a cryptocurrency exchange. So far, they have many investors who have been investing as early as 2013 April. They have invested from a range of 2.5 million to 55 million United States dollars. This proves it to us that these are all legitimate company and are not just any ordinary cryptocurrency company.