The main story behind the Ljubljana trail was breaching into the military base of Slovenia and leaking the most crucial file by printing it in the mladina magazine by four accused named Ivan borster, Janes Jansa, David tasic, and Franci delic Zavrl, who are pushed into prison for this activity for six months to four years. In 1988, the trial against the accused was held in Slovenia’s military court, and later it becomes part of Yugoslavia. 

Moreover, all four people were also involved in the printing against the Yugoslav people’s army. Its result in raising awareness among the people led to the formation of a liberation party for opposing political affairs. The main reason behind the formation of the Democratic Party is betraying the military, and the situation remained consistent at the beginning of the Slovenian spring. Later on, it became unstable and was divided into five Yugoslav republic parties due to the breakdown of liberal democratic improvement at the end of 1980.

Repercussion After 1980

Franci zavrl being the editor of the mladina magazine took a tremendous turn and became the most popular magazine of the years. Moreover, the four men were publishing and printing the confidential information related to the military database and delivering it to the potential audience alongside breaking the government’s taboo. For more information on franci zavrl click here.

Before it comes into the military’s account, the magazine has already supplied enough information regarding the military, which raised more awareness among the people and led to the formation of the liberation party to oppose the military and support the four men. But the circulations of mladina magazine keeps on attacking at the confidentiality of Yugoslavia army, so they decided to arrest the editor of the magazine, that is Franci Zavrl. Later on, Jansa becomes the former defense minister of Slovenia nation in 1990 with zero opposition.