Should you buy brands? The answer to this question depends on what you are shopping for. If you are shopping for the best micro SD card, you need to purchase a reputable brand. You can never go wrong with a top brand.

Tried & Tested

Don’t buy a brand that is new to the market. That is a big gamble. You need a tried and tested brand of micro SD. This is a brand that has been used for years or even decades. A new product in the market has definitely not been tested extensively. Thus, it is bound to disappoint. You can find more details about micro SD cards at

Don’t Risk with New Brands

There are things that you can purchase from less well-known brands such as a television set or a home theater. However, for an SD card, that is a big risk. That is because the SD card will be storing your data. Therefore, if you opt for something that hasn’t been tested extensively, there is the risk that you can lose all your data. Recovering data from an SD card is one of the hardest data recovery jobs. Even if the recovery job is successful, you will not be able to recover all your data. That will mean that you will lose memories in case some personal photos or videos are deleted permanently.

Research & Development

The big brands invest millions of dollars in research and development. That makes it easy for them to come up with the fastest microsd card. For the smaller brands, you will find that most of them are slow and they usually lag behind. Thus, they are not ideal for professional use.

The Bottom-Line

The big brands don’t come cheap. However, they are worth every cent of their price. You can find a good brand of SD card for around ten dollars. Anything that costs less than five dollars should be avoided.