Ikea Hovag is a maker of good quality mattress that is based in UK.  It is a pocket spring mattress that provides extra comfort and a comfy feeling when sleeping.  The integrated springs provide sleepers to adapt to the contours of the body. This creates a balanced and good rest experience.

Ikea Hovag Mattress Price

Compared to other mattresses, the Ikea Hovag seemed to be in a lower price range and undoubtedly affordable for customers.  For middle class customers, you will surely enjoy the goodness of sleeping with Ikea Hovag Mattress.

Advantages of owning an Ikea Hovag Mattresses

  • Due to its integrated spring, Ikea Hovag Mattress has good elasticity.  That means that the mattress could stretch down even when slept with a person with heavy weight without him feel to be sinking. 
  • The breathability is good.  It gives coolness and comfort to sleeper.
  • The price is undeniably good especially for those in a tight budget.  It is cheaper than other mattresses. For more info about ikea hövåg mattress review, browse this site.


The IKEA Hovag Mattress is a pocket spring mattress which is combined with extra foam elements.  It consists of steel springs which are sewn into small pockets.  The springs are also surrounded with layers of foams that protects the built-in springs. 

The foam is made with polyether which is known to be firm and usually used as base layer.  It provides stability, making the mattress more durable. 

Ikea Hovag Mattress is covered with gray on the side with pure white in the surface.  The cotton and polyester make it comfortable to sleep with.  Since the mattress is not washable, one should take the patience of covering the mattress with bed sheets or bed covers for a more hygienic reason. 


Available in Medium-firm and firm, the Ikea Hovag Mattress receives a rate of 7 out of 10 from reviews.  The mattress is firm and you don’t feel like sinking even if you have heavier weight.