Purmycin is medicine for respiratory organs, especially those in the upper tract like the throat, voice box, or nasal passage and tonsils. This is meant to provide relief in inflammation of these organs through the antibiotic called Macrolide antibacterial, which fights the bacteria or infection that causes the inflammation. An ordinary adult can take up to 4000mg of this medicine per day, broken down into smaller portions.

Which Patients Can Benefit From Purmycin?

Benefits of Purmycin medicine include but are not limited to

  • Adults who have painful or painless sores around the mouth
  • It can also help in genitals or anus sores
  • Pelvic inflammation can be cured with this
  • Whooping cough patients
  • Infections of upper respiratory tract organs
  • Inflammation in the throat or tonsils

In order to fulfil various dosage requirements, there are several forms of Purmycin supplements available such as a tablet, capsule, granules, gel, injection, delayed-release pill etc. These medicines can have different potency. You also may find your ideal details/information about purmycin side effect on pillintrip.

Precaution To Take While Consuming The Medicine

When on Purmycin, you need to take precautions because it could lead to diarrhoea, pancreas inflammation, nausea, or stomach pain. For older patients, this medicine can cause prolonged heartbeat or heart disorders.

If you are taking the delayed-release pills, do not chew them as they are supposed to be swallowed directly so that the outer membrane takes time to dissolve and release the content inside. Pregnant women should consult a health expert before taking this medicine.

The Right Way For Intake Of The Medicine

Firstly you need to have a proper measuring cap to measure the amount of medicine. It would be best if you kept the dose in control for more minor children, and typically it amounts between 30 to 50mg per kg weight of the child per day. It would be beneficial to cure pneumonia or eye inflammation of newborns.